The heart is precious...

It’s official - you can die from a broken heart. Takotsubo syndrome - named after a Japanese ceramic pot which is heart-shaped, has been the subject of study by researchers at the University Hospital Zurich. They have shown how the brain plays a large part in broken hearts.In the U.K. for example, it is reported that yearly, up to 2500 suffer from this deadly, brain-heart interaction. As I have mentioned many times, the mind-body connection is powerful and plays an important part in how we perceive challenges, problems and in some cases tragedies. If you think about it, someone experiencing the death of someone loved or being separated or disconnected from a partner as in divorce causes - all are experiencing massive amounts of internal confusion and chaos. In effect, the mind can find no solutions - no logic to the situation. It feels often as though there is no answer. Consequently, reoccurring sad and negative thoughts generate a feeling of being hemmed in and a sense there can be no hope for the future. The greater the disharmony and perceived hopelessness, the more stress hormones are released and the heart bears the burden - it becomes heavy and thereafter; heart-broken. It is to this point that I have spoken many times about how the mind-body connection is so powerful that it dictates our overall emotional and mental wellbeing. Let me give you an example. Today, I’m sat in a small boutique cafe in Oakland, California. The walls are adorned with paintings in various mediums; all painted by a local artist - a lady. During the course of writing this blog, the lady’s paintings are being removed, to be replaced by a new artist’s work - another female artist. Both artists are in the cafe and I can see that despite her best attempts to be brave; the artist whose paintings are being replaced, is clearly sad. Worse still, she is the one who has to take down her work. Imagine that! One can only guess what she is thinking but the emotions stirring in her heart are telling me everything, in terms of her body language. Not heart-broken, perhaps, but her poor heart has taken a hit. Conversely, the new artist, is demonstrating excited and happy emotions as she hurries around the cafe sighting the best place for her paintings to hang. She is humming a tune - a happy one and is oblivious to the pain of the other woman. Of course, we all know that the heart is precious. And so today, I have two thoughts for you. My hope is that you might help heal a broken heart in considering these two thoughts. Firstly, if your heart is hurting; then know that the pain will pass but slowly. To help yourself, you must focus on hope and to do that, you must seek support, love and encouragement from your friends. And finally, friend or not...artist or not - when you see someone’s precious heart in trouble; put your arm around them and offer a comforting word. By so doing, you will have contributed, in a small way, to the healing process for that person's troubled heart. And that’s no bad a world of too many broken hearts.


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